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Were We Misled?

We have seen this this question asked many times. We will simply provide quotes and information and you can form your own opinion. If you have seen anything that you believe should be seen on this page, then please let us know.

The planning application can be found at

The Promise
The Reality
Pre-Vote Post-Vote

'There is no plan B at present'
Keith Wyness, 17th July 2007

"If the Kirkby project does not happen, then the plan B will be to look again at Goodison Park.

"And I suppose that the Scotland Road site would have to become a plan C."
Bill Kenwright, 10th December 2007 at the club's Annual General Meeting

"Normally when a club has to look for a new stadium, it has to look at financing the whole depth of the new stadium itself. In this case we have been able to work with Tesco and Knowsley to create a situation where Tesco will make a contribution of £50m[1] towards the cost of a new stadium. That is a huge contribution and we believe that with stadium naming rights and proceeds from the sale of Goodison and with some additional debt that we will be able to deliver a world class[2] stadium that will be up there with anything in the Premiership" Keith Wyness

[1]The following email was sent to Radio Merseyside at 6.30pm on 17th July 2007:

"Reports in a number of news outlets today have stated that Tesco will fund £50m towards the cost of a new stadium for Everton FC. Tesco wish to point out that the intention would be for the proposed stadium funding package to be derived from the value generated by the overall retail led development scheme not as a result of direct funding from Tesco."
Tony Fletcher, Tesco.

[2] "It would be a mid-level stadium in terms of size and facilities." - Planning Application

"The new stadium would offer the sort of top-class facilities, which are currently denied to our supporters in what is an ageing and uncompetitive arena."
Keith Wyness

"basic facilities, some corporate entertainment facilities"
Planning Application

"The range of facilities is not excessive and reflects those generally found at many other major football stadia, particularly teams playing in the Premiership League, but even then the new ground would not be one of the biggest or have the highest specification."
Planning Application

"Our transportation experts who are Steere Davies Gleeve are probably the best in the UK and they said this stadium will be the best served transportation wise of any stadium in the north west if not the UK. There will be a new rail link at Kirkby and a new station is being planned right now and built. It is right on the M57 motorway and we think Mersey Tram might come into the picture." Keith Wyness

'The CPZ [Car Parking Zone] will be the most rigorously enforced at any football ground and cars will be clamped or towed away'. Parking will be 30 minutes walk away. One of Europe’s largest park and ride schemes requiring 95 buses to make 2 trips each will be required, leaving supporters queuing for an hour after the game with similar queues at the railway station which can process fewer than 4,000 passengers in the first 75 minutes after the final whistle.

"We will be left with very little debt at the end of it. The deal compares very favourably with other clubs building new stadiums. We will be getting a very nice stadium for a small amount of money."
Keith Wyness. 17th July 2007

"The Kirkby stadium cost was around £50 million when first floated. After the feasibility study and the Board’s wish that supporters only received the highest quality seating, facilities, environment etcetera, the cost rose to about £75 million.

Due to construction costs, the figure then became approximately £100 million. Now, because construction costs have risen again, the total stadium cost at Kirkby is in the region of almost £150 million"
Robert Earl, 10th December 2007 at the club's Annual General Meeting

March 2008, Guardian newspaper reports it will cost Everton £80million for a stake in the stadium.

"8. Will the stadium be used for events other than football matches?

Although its primary use will, of course, be first-team matches, there will be the capacity to stage major shows and concerts at the stadium.

"13. The stadium shall not be used for any Events other than Sporting Events. No concerts or music events shall take place."
Source: Planning Application

The above image displays spotlights pointing upwards as part of the stadium design.

They will not be in the final design:
17... "In addition all external lighting, including pitch floodlighting, shall be of a nature and design which has a zero upward lighting requirement so as to eliminate upward glare."
Source: Planning Application