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[1] Everton fail to deliver their financial contribution One
[2] Contribution ringfenced One Two
[3] 2006 shareholders meeting One
[4] Original Kirkby stadium plan One Two Three Four
[5] Everton ballot fans One
[6] Media campaign One Two
[7] What the fans were told One Two
[8] Everton secured the ballot One
[9] Planning application published One Two
[10] Knowsley approve application One
[11] Departure of the then CEO of Everton One Two
[12] Government inquiry called One Two
[13] Everton didn’t expect inquiry One Two
[14] Land value is source of £50m One
[15] Transport plan exposed One Two Three
[16] CABE report One
[17] Cost of redeveloping Goodison prohibitive One Two Three
[18] 50% of the seats at Goodison obstructed One Two
[19] Award winning facilities One
[20] The cross-subsidy One Two
[21] Application too big One Two
[22] Record levels of total debt One
[23] NTL One Two
[24] Kings Dock One
[25] Fortress Sports Fund One Two
[26] The extent of Everton's debt One

Additional Links

Reference Title Item
 [27] KEIOC attempt to broker meeting between Everton and Bestway One
 [28] Applicants fail to release information to the opposition One Two
 [29] Goodison Park will be condemned by 2013 One

Reports on Tesco planning tactics:

 [31] Everton’s mysterious links with Sir Philip Green
 [32] Peter Kilfoyle believes Everton is of no benefit to Walton One
 [33] Savills' Proof of Evidence One
 [34] Liverpool City Council closing submissions  
 [35] Combined Authorities Closing Statement  
 [36] Tesco / Everton Closing Statement  
 [37] KEIOC Closing Statement
 [38] Knowsley Council Closing Statement  
 [39] Kirkby Traders Closing Statement  
 [40] DTZ Report  
 [41] Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
(CABE) Design Review

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