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In The City

Key Criteria Liverpool City Centre Kirkby
Regeneration impact Existing New
Economic impact Maximised Limited/minimal
Infrastructure Impact Existing (but with substantial upgrading) All new
Business impact Maximised Limited/minimal
Tourism potential Maximised Limited/minimal
Retail potential Maximised Limited/minimal
Hospitality potential Maximised Limited/minimal
Sport & Leisure potential Maximised Limited
Entertainment potential Maximised Limited/minimal
Community potential Maximised Limited

Regeneration Impact

Liverpool encapsulates the need for renewal and regeneration based on physical, social, economic and environmental improvements. The promotion of physical regeneration needs to be complemented by community development which contributes towards creating a city of mixed and diversified uses based on sustainable growth and economic development. Regeneration at the Kirkby sites involves demolition of a school, a nursing home and several houses.

Economic Impact

Good infrastructure is an integral part of modern city life. Increasing economic and social demands are raising the profile of city centres. The need for mobility and greater accessibility is placing greater need for an effective and efficient multi-modal transportation system and supporting infrastructure. The infrastructural network is well established but clearly requires new investments given the increasing demands placed on a city which is the economic driver for the region. The location of new development needs to reinforce better integration between land use and transportation by building upon the existing infrastructure base of the city. At the Kirkby site all new infrastructure development will be required.

Infrastructure Impact

Liverpool's long term success depends on building its reputation as the economic engine for the region. This means attracting new development and investment opportunity and providing Liverpool with the infrastructure to support the growing business base and attract new inward investment. This will depend on the quality of the product and in promoting

Business Infrastructure

Clearly Liverpool's city centre has in existence a well established and flourishing multiplicity of uses based on retail, accommodation, entertainment, bars, restaurants and other ancillary attractions. It is very difficult to manufacture these type of facilities on a new site outside of a city centre context and to ensure that the uses remain sustainable. In this regard the Kirkby development has very little in the way of support infrastructure and will ultimately draw on the facilities offered elsewhere at Kirkby Town centre but most likely Liverpool City Centre and Walton. However, such use will be much more limited.

Sport & Leisure potential

A city centre site can provide immediate facilities for a multiplicity of local sports and leisure interests. Its central location is a convenience to all. The Kirkby site can also provide such facilities, but is not convenient to as many sports and leisure communities.