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Goodison For Everton

This Feasibility Study attempts to demonstrate how it would be possible to redevelop Goodison Park into a state of the art soccer stadium that would become a national and international venue.

The Study investigates two options of redevelopment, firstly a scheme that provides a 50,000 seater stadium on the existing footprint, and secondly, a scheme that provides a 55,000 seater stadium but in the context of a wider redevelopment of the locality - a vision that could help regenerate the economic vitality of the whole area.

Both options allow for a phased renewal that would enable Everton FC to continue to play at Goodison Park whilst redevelopment was carried out.

The GFE have supplied this information as a guide only. The GFE is NOT Keep Everton In Our City but have no problem in supporting the cause.

It is also to be hoped that readers bear in mind the age of the document, take into account the costings within and know that stadium architecture has evolved immeasurably and for the better in the sixteen years since this study was undertaken.

You can view the full study here.

The file is quite large (4.2mb) so may take a while to load.