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All monies received are used exclusively for the campaign to keep Everton Football Club within the City of Liverpool. Advertising materials produced by KEIOC are distributed freely with the intention of offering the fans of Everton Football Club information on alternative sites to the Kirkby project and as an alternative source of information to those provided by and associated with the club.

All officers and committee members give their time freely and willingly and receive no monetary reward whatsoever.

In the event of the campaign group being dissolved and after taking into account any liabilities all remaining funds will be donated to charity. The elected officers and committee members, after taking advice from the treasurer, will decide on which charities will benefit from those funds.

If you would like to make a donation then you can do so online using internet banking. Simply log in to your account on your bank's website and donate money to our specified account, our bank details can be found below. Any donations we receive will be greatly appreciated. We are also able to accept to Paypal payments at the email address

Electronic Banking Donations

Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank PLC.
Bridle Road,

Account Name: KEIOC
Sort Code: 72-00-00
Account Number: 05596947