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Councillors' Replies

Liverpool City CouncilWe asked the councillors of Liverpool City council the following question:

Would you be prepared to sign a special requisition for a meeting of the City Council with the only item on the agenda being Everton's proposed move from the City and to discuss the consequences to the city should this happen ?

Here are the replies we recieved:

Councillor Ron Gould
Need to run this by the City Solicitor as I am a season ticket holder and precluded on voting and speaking on these issues,sounds daft I know but it is true!! I will wait for his reply.

Councillor Joe Hanson
It is Joe Anderson who makes requests on behalf of the Labour Group for a meeting of this nature, I have copied this email to him and I am sure as Joe is a practising Evertonian ( all be it that I am trying to teach him the error of his ways) is more than interested in the outcome of were Goodison Park and its future. Joe will contact you shortly.

Councillor Peter Milea
No, with the ruling of the Ombudsman some years ago, having had my wrists slapped, I keep clear of taking part in deliberations of BOTH clubs.

Councillor Paul Clein
Although I am a rednose I would be happy to do so. The only note of caution I would put forward is that it will be improbable that such a meeting could now be arranged before the election on May 3rd (in which I am seeking re-election) so we are probably looking at the end of May before this could occur. If there is a meeting of the Environment and Regeneration Select Committee before the end of the municipal year it might be more expedient to get a member of that s/c to put a motion Directly to it seeking the same debate. Otherwise if a Council meeting is necessary, I'm fine with that.

Councillor Ben Williams
I will certainly support your request. I am a lifelong Evertonian and one-time season ticket holder, although I have to admit that my appearances at Goodison in recent years have been limited due to family and political commitments. My ward is on the fringes of both football grounds and I accept the problems associated with both or either clubs leaving the area. You have my support and please keep me informed of developments, although I will probably have to declare an interest as a supporter of the club!

Councillor Stuart Monkom

Councillor John Coyne
What would be the adverse consequences? What do you think is the role of the city council in this issues?

Councillor Colin Eldridge
I would be happy to, depending on the content. Please let me know.

Councillor Frank Prendergast
I have no problems with signing although you would be better approaching Joe Anderson first to ensure the required number of signatures will be available.

Councillor Tom Marshall
Sorry have no interest in 22 grown men kicking a bag of wind, also that is up to Everton F.C. where they wish to go, they were offered a perfectly good piece of land in my area but chose to go to Knowsley,little we as Councillors can do. Good luck with your petition.

Councillor Tina Gould
I am waitng for a reply from the City Solicitor as my husband is a season ticket holder.

Councillor Stephen Hurst
Sorry about this, but I am a Member of the planning Committee and am advised I cannot comment on the item in the event that Everton decide to stay in Liverpool and redevelop or relocate.

Councillor Marilyn Fielding
I have referred your email to Cllr Bradley Thanks Marilyn

Councillor Jan Clein
I presume you are talking about the F word? (Football). I really don't take any interest in football whatsoever & it's just another game to me. I understand that it is life & death to some people but I don't agree. As far as I am concerned this is just a big business with overpaid employees. I think you should ask someone who takes an interest in this matter. I wouldn't want to devote a whole Council meeting to this subject. Sorry.

Councillor Dave Antrobus
Thanks for the e-mail which has been passed to the leader.

Councillor Alan Fearnehough
I am sorry that I am not prepared to sign a special requisition concerning Everton FC. Sorry My Apologies.

Councillor Bob Ousby
Tell me more. Bob. (True blue).

Councillor Andrew Tremarco
I will have to discuss this with Warren Bradley, my Group Leader,before signing anything. Who has asked you to ask me please? I'll be in touch.

Councillor Malcom Kennedy
I see no problem with this but will check with the leader of the group as to whether he thinks that it is better done as an individual or whether the group may want to back this.

Councillor Ian Jobling
As a season ticket holder I always have to declare a personal interest in agenda items concerning Everton Football Club. However, If you would email me what you have in mind I will see what I can do.

Councillor Flo Clucas
I am out of the city at the moment, but if you could send me a copy of the text, I will have a look at it and get back to you asap.

Councillor Ron Gould
As I thought I have been advised I cannot take part as I hold seasons tickets .

Councillor Eddie Clein
No problem

Councillor Joe Anderson
Thank you for your e-mail and those you have sent to my members. I was going to enter into discussions with you via e-mail but I would like to meet you face to face to talk through with you my thoughts and issues. I do not have a problem with calling a Council meeting to discuss the proposals and other alternatives and I don't think it would be a problem. I am going to discuss this issue at my Groups Board meeting on Monday. However I would like to meet with you to arrange a discussion about our Club.

Councillor Alan Dean
A belated thanks for your e-mail. Just a quick initial response before I leave for today's big game. Unlike other political groups, the Labour Group does not allow it's Members to requisition special meetings of the council without the clear approval of the Labour Group Executive. I immedaitely forwarded your e-mail to the Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Joe Anderson (another fellow Evertonian I might add!!) for him to raise at the next meeting of the Executive Board. Once I have been made aware of the outcome of that discussion, I will get back to you.

Councillor Karen Afford
Sorry for not replying sooner. I need to speak to the City solicitor about this. As a season ticket holder I may be barred from calling the meeting, or taking part in it. I will be in touch as soon as I can.