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Conditions Of Use

If submit a comment to our site relating to a article on our website you agree to the following Conditions of Use:

  1. You accept full personal responsibility for the contents of your contribution.
  2. You agree to provide your name and valid e-mail address as part of your submission
  3. You acknowledge that your IP Address will be recorded
  4. You acknowledge that you share an equal right with other contributors to comment on anything Everton ground move-related, without prejudice, provided you do it respectfully, without abusing other contributors, the website, or its editors.
  5. You may disagree with their freely expressed views and opinions.
  6. You may not abuse your fellow contributor (even if you strongly disagree with them!)
  7. You agree to only provide input to this site that is Everton ground move -related or has a pertinent bearing on issues relevant to the ground move.
  8. You accept that other contributors are free, as you are, to comment on any issue related to Everton Football Club's Ground Move.
  9. You acknowledge that KEIOC do not condone personal ridicule of other contributor, Everton board members or employees.
  10. You agree not to question or impugn the Evertonian credentials of other contributors.
  11. You expressly agree not to call or imply that other contributors are or should become Liverpool supporters or kopites.
  12. You agree to compose your messages in mixed-case (not all CAPITALS or all lowercase) English, with no use of texting lingo (text talk).
  13. You acknowledge that your contribution may be edited or deleted, and that the decision of the KEIOC Editors is final regarding any and all aspects of your contribution.

If you feel unable to abide by these conditions, or your contribution deviates from these general guidelines, please reconsider your contribution.

Note that failure to adhere to these conditions may result in editors having to moderate your post prior to publication or a loss of ability to contribute to our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read these conditions

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