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Welcome to the online home of the 'Keep Everton in Our City' campaign. Here you will find information about our aims, links and articles, which justify our claim that there is more than one alternative to moving Everton FC out of the City.

This site will be a source of up to date information on issues regarding the proposed move and will enable supporters and other concerned parties to express their views and unease about the Kirkby proposal, and the irreversible damage it will do to Everton FC, the surrounding areas and the local businesses that depend upon the Club for their very existence. Please share those concerns with us. We will demand answers and insist upon greater transparency more facts and a lot less spin from the Club. We will put your views to your elected representatives.

We will strive to promote alternative ideas and schemes that we hope will persuade the powers that be that Everton must remain within the City. Everton FC is the City's premier Club.

We wish to make it clear from the outset that our aim is not to stand in the way of progress., nor do we believe we have a divine mandate to speak on behalf of all Evertonians. Our aim is not to have Everton playing at Goodison Park in its current form forever. Our aim is to show that a move to Kirkby is not the right kind of progress for Everton Football Club. We live by the Everton motto, "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum", and we believe that the Club should do so too.

In order to achieve our aims, we need the support of all Evertonians who want the best for their club. The club needs to know the weight of feeling its fans possess and the concerns which they have. We have therefore created an online petition to present to the club - hopefully before the end of the season - to show just how strong opinion is from the very people for whom the club exists - you."