Warren BradleyIn an article perhaps to balance the ridiculous Tom Cannon piece, ex-Trinity Mirror employee and friend of Everton Phillip McNulty "tackles" Liverpool City Council Leader Warren Bradley.

In what is a surprising comment Councillor Bradley says the Council would be more than willing to assist Everton to the point of altering the footprint of Goodison Park.

I am sure the club will be more than ecstatic to hear this as it seems to have been the only sticking point to redevelopment.

We look forward to Mr. Wyness and Mr. Kenwright reporting back to the shareholders and fans over their recent discussions, albeit informal, with the Council Leader.

Councillor Bradley says : "If Everton's deal with Knowsley falls through, I hope they will be able to discuss possibilities in Liverpool. As a City Council leader more than an Evertonian, do we really want to see a commercial business the size of Everton move out of the city? Of course we don't.

What we have got to is do all we can to retain them in Liverpool. We've done work on finding land and we are doing work at the moment on finding further commercial partners. If at some point Everton say their current plans for Kirkby are not financially viable because there is no asset base, or Tesco say this doesn't stack up for us or any of our retail partners, and those involved don't think they can take it any further, then hopefully there will be possibilities in Liverpool.

I have always been an advocate of the joint stadium with Everton and Liverpool. I thought it would half their administrative costs and stadium costs which had to be a plus and they could put the extra finance on the pitch. There is a business community there that has been stabilised because Everton have been there. It would be a sad day because a lot of the businesses that have survived because of Everton wouldn't continue to have that under-pinning support.

The council went to hell and back for Everton on King's Dock, but unfortunately the business plan was never going to allow that to happen. Since Christmas Bill Kenwright and I have spoken, not particularly about a new stadium, but about striking up a relationship between the council and the chairman of Everton and I have got to say it has gone from strength to strength.

If Everton decide the exclusivity deal with Knowsley is no longer, I believe I can sit around a table with Bill Kenwright and the chief executives of the council and Everton and come up with something I believe is acceptable to Everton supporters and also to the city.

It is something we are looking at. There is a school close by and I have got the chief executive of the council working on that. The main issue is what commercial partners Everton would get in that area. I know Everton have an opinion on that. But what I would say is if Everton feel they can get some commercial support or commercial sponsors in there to do something special, there is no reason why we can't do some land assembly work to ensure that we can extend the footprint of Goodison.

If Everton do decide for commercial reasons they have to go to Kirkby, that is a decision they will take, but as council leader and a season ticket holder, I would like to see Everton remain in the city and I have definitely not given up on that."