This article was writen by Alfie Hinks in April 2007.

Myself and three other fellow blues Dave Kelly, Brian Gouldand Jimmy Reardon attended a meeting with Maria Eagle MP for Garston on Friday 30th March 2007 at her constituency office.

The meeting lasted two hours and was most beneficial to our cause. She was both supportive and practicable with her advice on our behalf she will be writing to the major players in the whole scenario including Sir Terry Leahey ,Bill Kenwright the leaders and chief executives of both Liverpool & Knowsley councils.  She also intends to lobby her fellow MPs and supports our aims and objectives of keeping Everton in Our City with a passion

On a number of occasions she reiterated the need for Everton to stay in the North of the City where its history and traditions belong.

She also pledges to keep us updated with the response's from the aforementioned and we look forward to their replies in the coming days

If the other parties involved in this issue are as accommodating and supportive our campaign will go from strength to strength .

Doors that are slammed in our faces are mysteriously opened for MPs and as such we should be putting pressure and lobbying all our elected representatives.

As a non part political campaign group we now look forward to taking our campaign peacefully on to the streets and into the public domain starting on Monday at Villa Park with a united front and a show of strength from our group .