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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I was delighted to meet with members of KEIOC last week to discuss the current situation with regard to EFC.

I pledge my support to keep Everton within the City boundaries and will do all I can to assist, as a lifelong Evertonian and season ticket holder I believe the City should do all it can to keep our club within the City. If this cannot be done then Everton should look elsewhere, however I believe it can be achieved even at this stage.

I have recently met with the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council and questioned him about the City Councils position. I was informed that there are still sites available here in the City that could be used for a stadium, at least five. I also believe that the exclusivity deal that EFC have signed with Knowsley Council is a huge mistake made by EFC they should be exploring every opportunity including those within the City of Liverpool. I also believe that EFC could develop Goodison Park and this also has to be considered along with exploring other sites. EFC has said in the past that it has investigated eight sites within Liverpool I call on them to provide supporters and the Council with their findings, in other words if there where problems with those sites then lets see if the Council can work with you to solve them, it's the least we deserve. The fact is EFC and Liverpool Council have not been open and honest with us and I believe they are as bad as one another. Everton want and need extra land In order to get TESCO involved no matter where we would locate to, they say they need this money. The Council has in the past been happy to let EFC leave the City rather than fight to keep us here, I have told the Council that has to change. I am writing to EFC and will be asking some very important questions, the exclusivity deal is a smokescreen designed to keep people away from asking questions.

I promise to keep up the pressure and demand some answers to questions and won’t be fobbed off by those wishing to keep everyone in the dark. I will work with KEIOC because I believe we should I will also Make sure that their questions are able to be asked and answered. We demand openness and honesty nothing more nothing less.


Joe Anderson

Liverpool Labour Group Leader

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Meeting of Knowsley’s Council Cabinet met on Wednesday 30th May 2007 one of the main items on the agenda was the Kirkby town Centre regeneration, public consultation document (download the document below). The main thrust of the meeting was to agree, in principal, with the proposals and to start the consultation process. To this end we are urging all Evertonians Living in the Kirkby area to contact their local councillors and to make their views known.

The full list of Kirby Councillors is as follows:

Cherryfield Ward
Dave Lonergan
Jayne Aston
Ted Grannel

Whitfield Ward
Angela Clarke
D Keats
N Keats

Central Ward
Jackie Harris
Billy Brennan
Maria Stuary

Tommy Grierson
Ritchie Halpan
Mal Sharp

Park Ward
Robbie Crummie
M Dobbie
J Greer

Eddie Connor
Tommy Garland
Mick Murphy

All their contact numbers and surgery times can be found on the Knowsley council website

Our sources inform us that a report to cabinet informing them the outcome of the consultation process will go before the committee by late July 2007.

We would like to draw your attention to the report that went before the cabinet and stated the following;

“The consultation exercise will also need to take into account the views of Everton Football Club fans. Everton is understood to be carrying out its own consultation and the club will be requested to share the results of this exercise, so that they can be taken into account in the decision by the council”

We leave you to draw your own conclusions and hope for your ballot paper to drop.

We would be more than interested if any Evertonians out their could copy us in on any correspondence or literature that they receive from their Elected members

Download Kirkby Town Centre Regeneration Document.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A motion by Councillor Flo Clucas OBE, has recently been carried which shows that Liverpool City Council will continue to work with the club to find a solution of the need for a new ground:

The full document as follows:

"538. Everton Football Club by Councillor Flo Clucas OBE

Motion by Councillor Flo Clucas OBE:

That this Council, mindful of the contribution that sport plays to the economic wellbeing of the City, and to its' international reputation, expresses its' concern that Everton Football Club should be seeking to move from the City.

Recognising work that been ongoing for some time to encourage the club to stay in Liverpool, and mindful also of the needs of local communities, this Council resolves if the period of exclusivity comes to an end with no decision that it:-

Continues to work constructively with the Club to find a solution to their need for a new ground; and

Ensures that local councillors and communities are involved in, and consulted about, any relocation.

A vote was taken, the Motion was carried."

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kevin Ratcliffe, our most successful ever captain, has put his staunch support behind the KEIOC campaign.

Ratcliffe has emphasised "how sad it would be if we ever leave the ground and the area where so many great memories are held.

"If it wasn't for Goodison and it's atmosphere many victories would not have been accomplished. Yes we need to address the stadium issue, but it would be a long term disaster for the fan base, especially future generations.

"Why divide the fans when together we could accomplish so much. Stay in the City, build the team, and explore the right decision for the long term, think of the kids."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We would like to draw the attention of all Evertonians living in Kirkby and the surrounding area. A meeting of great importance is taking place next Wednesday 30th May at 2.00pm Prompt in the Civic building in Huyton.

Knowsley Council are holding a cabinet meeting to discuss the outcome of their exclusivity talks between Everton Football Club, Knowsley Council & Tesco.

Space in the public gallery will be severely restricted and would advise fans to turn up early.

We have also been informed that the agenda for Wednesday cabinet meeting will appear on Knowsley’s Council’s website prior to this meeting. This meeting will have major implications for the fans of Everton Football Club & not forgetting the Kirkby Residents. I would urge all parties to voice their concerns in a constructive manner to their Elected representatives.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Liverpool Echo have taken up the gauntlet after Saturday's open KEIOC Forum at which it was revealed that meetings about Everton's departure from Walton to Kirkby were taking place as early as January 2006 (let's not forget that Everton "announced" the interest an "exclusivity period" in November 2006). Both David Henshaw and Peter Kilfoyle unwilling to commit as to what was said at the meetings and even if they could remember it was just a normal "bland" meeting between Liverpool City Council's Chief Executive and MP who represents. The meeting was so uneventfully bland that somebody took two different sets of notes.

We are still waiting for a response from Peter Kilfolye as to why the original notes were retracted and replaced.

Amazingly Peter Kilfoyle has apparently asked, this week, to see plans on how Everton leaving Walton will effect his constituents.

Did ex-council boss do nothing to stop Blues leaving city?
Friday, May 4, 2007

KEIOC have produced a leaflet to be given out at the game against Portsmouth. If you would like to help distribute the leaflets in your part of the ground then please call into the PUBLIC MEETING at Croft's Social Club, City Road at 12.00pm tomorrow.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

KEIOC has learned that a joint statement from Tesco, Knowsley Council and Everton will tell us tomorrow that the first phase of the proposed move to Kirkby (the famous "exclusivity period") has been a "great success" and that the next stage will be consultation with the people of Kirkby.

All a bit disappointing as Bill Kenwright assured KEIOC at a meeting last month that KEIOC would be kept informed "every step of the way".

Having been asked to comment by the local press we again re-iterated that any move MUST have the backing of Evertonians.

It would seem that, as usual with all things Everton, the fans are the last to know.

We will be pushing to clarify the situation over the next few days.

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's not just KEIOC who think a move to Kirkby would be a bad thing. Leaflets have recently been distributed by "The Kirkby Residents Action Group"


Their website can be found at

Friday, April 20, 2007

A delegation from KEIOC met with Bill Kenwright & Keith Wyness prior to our victory against Charlton on Sunday. The meeting was quite business like and amicable. Our feeling is that the club is still keeping its cards close to its chest because of the exclusivity deal with it's partners Tesco & Knowsley Council. Not withstanding this the club gave us a number of cast iron assurances

  • The fans will be balloted
  • KEIOC will have an input into the ballot
  • The ballot will be conducted through the auspices of an independent body such as the Electoral Reform Society.
  • If the fans do respond with a no vote this would be respected by the club who will then need to look for other alternatives.
  • The exclusivity arrangement is predicted by the club to run for a further 3 months although it is difficult to build in time factors with something as complex as this proposed development.

Hopefully this meeting will be the first of many and we will keep you informed via the website of any further developments

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