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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Knowsley council, are about to begin their second phase of public consultation. You may recall that they publicly sought the views of Kirkby residents earlier on in the year. At the cabinet meeting last Wednesday (07/11/07) they proudly proclaimed that.

1, some 950 Kirkby residents completed the questionnaire produced by Knowsley council.

2, a further 1150 took part in the survey, by other means. For example, telephone, email etc.)

This equates to approximately 2000 Kirkby residents, taking part in a public consultation exercise. Knowsley council needs applauding for its endeavours to seek the opinions of its residents.

We would also urge all Kirkby residents and Evertonians to attend the forthcoming consultation and to make their views known. We would also advise all participants to seek clarification on one point. When will the results of the last public consultation be announced and do they intend to release the findings of the current consultation.

The end of the exclusivity agreement.

It’s also our understanding that the cloak of the exclusivity agreement will finally be lifted. Our sources within Knowsley council inform us that both Everton Football Club and Tesco will be present. We are also led to believe that councillors, this afternoon, were given a sneak preview of the proposals. We also understand that KRAG (Kirkby Residents’ Action Group) had a very well attended public meeting.

KEIOC have always campaigned for all parties to be open and transparent. we will continue to do so.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

As we constantly strive to bring you the latest news about the Kirkby developments, KEIOC are able to bring you exclusive details of the planning outlines submitted by Tesco to Knowsley Borough Council yesterday.

Simply click the image to see the full details.

Kirkby small

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Owners of the Scotland Rd Loop site, Bestway, are today reaffirming that they can provide Everton with a viable and deliverable plan in the event that The Blues proposed move to Kirkby does not proceed. The company have already completed a series of studies into the future use of the 11 acre city centre site in the event of them moving their wholesale business to a brand new North Liverpool store. The move is being considered as part of the company’s strategy to improve its Merseyside facilities for the benefit of its staff and customers.

Bestway Development Director, Malcolm Carter commented:

”We have studied the Kirkby proposal and Everton’s stated need for a 50-55 thousand seat stadium and there is no doubt that this can be comfortably accommodated on The Loop. In fact, notwithstanding the view taken by Liverpool FC, the report we had commissioned from leading international stadium designers HOK indicates that a larger capacity facility could be accommodated here if required.”

Mr Carter believes that The Loop offers both Everton FC and potentially Liverpool City Council unique benefits in comparison to competing sites. He explained:

”The Loop is a dominant landmark site, and would give the club huge profile and visibility to anyone entering the city centre via Scotland Rd, Islington, Leeds St or The Wallasey Tunnel. It would be a bold statement about Everton Football Club, its history and its association with this area. It would be a fantastic marketing emblem and would

strengthen Everton’s brand and underscore how important this club is to the life of a world renowned city. A city centre stadium at a major transport hub would also give the club much greater potential for revenue generation from corporate events, concerts and conferences.”

”For the City Council, a stadium on the northern edge of the City Centre would provide a massive catalyst for the regeneration of this part of Liverpool. It would drag city centre prosperity northwards and create economic opportunity where it is most visibly needed. None of the out of centre options that have been canvassed could provide the impetus for this kind of holistic regeneration effect.

Mr Carter repeated Bestway’s strong desire to work with partners including the club and Liverpool City Council to further explore The Loop option. He concluded:

”Everyone who has looked at this site can see the potential to create something exceptional that could be a massive driver for this area and the wider city. Everton has never been associated with the safe, the obvious and the conventional. The club has always been about style, sophistication and vision. This idea is too big and too exciting to be ruled out without a great deal of further consideration.”

Bestway’s wholesale retail outlet currently occupies what is known as the `Loop’ site at Scotland Road, Liverpool. This gateway location is the first sight of the city for traffic entering via the Wallasey tunnel, and is also bordered by direct routes into the city centre. It would be a highly visible location for a new stadium development.

Bestway includes banking, cement manufacture, milling and property development as well as its 50 retail depots across England and Wales.

The Bestway Group was founded in 1962 in West London, developing from specialist Asian food stores before entering the wholesale market in 1976 with the opening of its first cash and carry outlet.

Monday, November 5, 2007

You may well have seen our chairman on match of the day; Bill was at his usual best. He was all singing and dancing. Mr Openness & transparency talked about the proposed re-location to Kirkby and ironically enough how much he loved Goodison Park.

He didn’t tell you that Everton Football Club’s annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th December 2007.

In what is sure to be an evening of high drama we can only hope that the self proclaimed people’s club do not hide behind exclusivity agreements.

We would like to think that the club would invite discussion and start debating what Keith already on the train to Kirkby Wyness calls the deal of the century.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

KEIOC once again are the first with breaking news, our sources within Knowsley Council inform us that a major announcement is on the cards. The Council will unveil its "INTERIM TOWN CENTRE REGENERATION PLAN. We believe that within that plan there will be "draft proposals" for the full development. There is a small public gallery in the council chamber and would urge any interested Evertonians to be present before the 2.00pm starting time on November 7th at the Council Chambers in Huyton.

Many Evertonians may well have seen reports, in the local media, linking both Everton Football Club and our friends from across the park with various sites around the city. On a point of clarification KEIOC would like to inform all interested parties that in their meeting on Saturday 27th October, John Tasker, owner of Taskers D.I.Y on Liver Industrial Estate gave a full account of his involvement.

John has had one meeting with Liverpool City Council, it took place nearly 6 months ago. No negotiations have ever taken place. Its also a multi-occupancy site, as such it would need the involvement of all the other owners to make the deal "Deliverable" as Keith Wyness would say.

We will continue to keep our collective ears to the ground and to keep fellow Evertonians up to speed with further news.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At last nights meeting a number of positions were available. We now have 2 new officers holding the office of Chairman end Secretary. Tony Bennett is now the Chairman of our group, Colin Fitzpatrick holding the position of Secretary.

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to both Jim Reardon and Mo Maghazachi for their efforts over their terms of office. Both will continue to play a role and there expertise will be put to good use.

Monday, June 18, 2007

On Thursday 7th June 2007 a number of KEIOC members decided to take our campaign to Hope university campus in Everton.

The six candidates in the running for the deputy Leadership contest of the Labour party where in town. Our placards and banners where warmly received by the candidates and Labour party members alike. A number of our group had the opportunity to speak to the candidates who expressed their surprise at the disinterest from the Honourable member for the Walton Constituency and in his role in brokering an exit strategy for our great club from our great City.

Alan Johnson MP & Hazel Blears MP took time out from "the Hustings" and both listened intently to KEIOC points of view and both conveyed support for our campaign and Alan Johnson went to great lengths to inform us of members of his family who are long standing Evertonians.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kirkby based members of KEIOC and Kirkby resident’s action group took part in a signature gathering exercise in Kirkby town centre.

The petition was a resounding success with the public showing a great deal of concern to a 55,000 all seater stadium being built in their town centre. The petition is calling for :


It doesn’t seem much to ask but both Everton Football Club and Knowsley Borough Council seem to have differing views on how, who and when.

Everton football club propose to ballot the fans but have no plans to enter a period of consultation with its fan base. Interesting! The plot begins to thicken, Knowsley council propose to have a consultation period for the residents but no plans for a ballot.

This would be the biggest single issue to effect the residents of Kirkby since Knowsley was formed in the 70's. We advocate a level playing field with consultation exercises & ballots for both fans & residents alike.

The ball is formally in your court as far as Evertonians are concerned Bill.

How do you want to be remembered by future generations of Evertonians? As a John Houlding or as a George Mahon?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alfie Hincks, Secretary of KEIOC took part in a meeting on Friday evening with Kirkby Residents Action Group. Also in attendance was George Howarth, MP for Knowsley North & Sefton east. George went to great lengths to explain his role to date and also his impartially. He had a very uncomfortable evening and managed to avoid answering most of the questions.

On our behalf, Alfie asked him would he be willing to follow the line taken by the other local Labour MPs & the candidates for the deputy Leadership contest and to pledge his support to the Keep Everton in Our city group.

You may well be surprised to learn that we did indeed receive a negative response. As a group we would urge all Evertonians who live within his constituency to attend his surgeries and articulate the argument.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The most successful captain in Everton Football club's long history, the most iconic footballer to wear the famous royal blue jersey over the last 20 years and now the most famous family to have been associated in the long and proud history of Everton Football Club. They all have one thing in common, they support the aims & objectives of KEIOC.

We are pleased to announce that the Moores family are now on board with our campaign. John Moores issued the following statement:

"I believe we should do all we can to keep Everton Football Club within the City of Liverpool, Everton Football Club and its historical links with the City mean we should explore all options and only then should Everton Football Club look to move outside of Liverpool"

This is just another example of fellow Evertonians who share our grave concerns.

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