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Friday, April 20, 2007

When Keioc met Bill (and Keith)

A delegation from KEIOC met with Bill Kenwright & Keith Wyness prior to our victory against Charlton on Sunday. The meeting was quite business like and amicable. Our feeling is that the club is still keeping its cards close to its chest because of the exclusivity deal with it's partners Tesco & Knowsley Council. Not withstanding this the club gave us a number of cast iron assurances

  • The fans will be balloted
  • KEIOC will have an input into the ballot
  • The ballot will be conducted through the auspices of an independent body such as the Electoral Reform Society.
  • If the fans do respond with a no vote this would be respected by the club who will then need to look for other alternatives.
  • The exclusivity arrangement is predicted by the club to run for a further 3 months although it is difficult to build in time factors with something as complex as this proposed development.

Hopefully this meeting will be the first of many and we will keep you informed via the website of any further developments

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