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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Response from Peter Kilfoyle

KEIOC Committee member Jim Reardon recently contacted all our local MPs and it would appear there is some discrepancy in how things actually work down in Parliament. After receiving unequivocal support from Maria Eagle, Frank Field and Joe Benton we recieved the following letter from Peter Kilfoyle MP for Walton.

We leave you to draw your own conclusions as to what side of the fence he is on. We urge every Evertonian who lives within the Walton constituancy to write to Peter Kilfoyle MP and ask for his support with our campaign because unlike the other Merseyside MPs who have supported us Mr. Kilfoyle does not seem willing to help. Strange that an MP for Walton seems willing to allow one of Walton's oldest and most affluent businesses to leave the area without so much as a cursory glance from it's representative in Westminster. Peter Kilfoyle's response

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