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Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Billboard Launch

KEIOC BillboardKEIOC are pleased to announce the first of a new billboard campaign on display at Walton Lane/Bullens Road, near the Park End.

The billboard contains the following text;

The Promise

A deliverable, effectively free, world class stadium offering the best transport infratructure in the north west...the deal of the century, - Everton Football Club, July 2007

The Reality

An undeliverable, inaccurately financed, mid-range stadium that will inconvenience Evertonians and undermine 130 years of progress. - KEIOC 2007-2008

Who is telling the truth?

As you may have read in the newspapers or on this website we are very keen to promote an open debate between Evertonians and the Everton board to discuss exactly what has been offered to the club and the fans.

As always we are grateful to those who saw fit to make a donation to our cause!

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