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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Merseytravel don't have resources for Kirkby Park and Ride

Knowsley Council Earlier this week Merseytravel met with Knowsley Council officials Ian Chaten and Sean Traynor to discuss the park and ride scheme amongst other items on the agenda.

It was revealed during this meeting that up to 163 buses would be needed for the park and ride scheme and that Merseytravel told of problems finding enough available buses and drivers to cater for proposed stadium's needs. It is now known that resources outside of the Merseyside area will be drafted in to cope with the high demand should the ground move go ahead.

The Knowsley Council officials revealed that the current cost to Everton for the proposed stadium is £90million. They stated that the fitting out of the stadium will cost in the region of £10million whilst Everton's share of the construction work is around the £80million mark (as was also stated in the Guardian newspaper last week).

Yesterday, the minutes from the Destination Kirkby Liason Group were revealed to the general public. Unfortunately, no new information came to light. However, Keith Wyness did concedethat the much criticised TIA (Transport Plan) is still a "work in progress". As it stands, the proposed park and ride scheme will be the largest in the country overshadowing the current largest that services the whole of the Norwich area.

The club also reaffirmed that the 'expected' 1,000 cycling fans are part of the answer to the Government's 'green' policy demands.

The next meeting is to be hosted at Goodison Park on April 16th at Mr. Wyness' request. The full minutes of the March 18th meeting can be found on

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