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Sunday, April 8, 2007

We've got Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie Goodlass

Ex-Blues favourite, successful radio pundit and community football coach Ronnie Goodlass backed the campaign to keep Everton in the city. Taking things a step further Ronnie didn't mind admitting that Goodison Park is the home of Everton and in his opinion that's where we should be looking at staying.

"There is no place on earth like Goodison Park. I had the privilege of playing in front of the greatest home fans in the world having watched from the terraces as a boy. My Fathers ashes are at Goodison as are my Grandfathers. Goodison Park is Everton there is no place like it. If you ask any ex-player they will all tell you Goodison Park is a very special place. Other clubs have redeveloped and retained a sense of history, I think that gets lost in some of the new stadiums around the country in my opinion moving away would be a mistake and I fully support KEIOC with their campaign".

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