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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kirkby Town Centre Redevelopment - Progress Downgraded

Knowsley Council Knowsley Council have downgraded the status of progress for Kirkby's town centre redevelopment. The council use a scheme based on a traffic light system to indicate how a specific project is progressing, similar systems are used by local authorities up and down the country.

We have been watching the project's development closely and have found that the latest Knowsley Directorate Dashboard (dated 20th March) shows that "Kirkby Town Centre Redevelopment" has been downgraded from a "Green Light" to a "Amber Light." The term Directorate Dashboard sounds more complicated than it actually is, it is merely a way of presenting the findings of the Department of Regeneration and Neighbourhoods (sometimes referred to as DRN) based on "current progress" and "strategic risk."

There are a few contributing reasons why the project has been downgraded; decisons on the Interim Policy Statement (IPS), land disposal and other other associated documents and the planning application have all been delayed for several months minimum and several thousand objections have no doubt also played their part.

Below are the most recent Directorate Dashboards:

8th November, 2007
28th January, 2008
20th March, 2008

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