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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tesco/Everton: Our resident group's meeting went 'really well'

Destination Kirkby logoThe Tesco-Everton Destination Kirkby 'residents' group have held their first meeting yesterday (March 18th). The formation of this group has been met with scepticism from some quarters as the meeting's have been held behind closed doors on an invite only basis with organisers cherry picking the representatives who can attend.

Putting a positive spin on things the Liverpool Echo referred to the retail park as the "£400million Blues stadium project" and under valued the number of objections by over half!

Tesco's head of corporate affairs Michael Kissman said: “The first meeting went really well. It gave us the opportunity to agree how best to keep the community informed.”

Everton's chief executive Keith Wyness said: “Attending these meetings is part of our commitment to open and honest communication with all aspects of the Kirkby community.”

“This evening we've heard a range of views and received valuable feedback on our proposals that will help shape our plans going forward." Incidentally, Keith Wyness has previously declined an invitation from Knowsley Council leader George Howarth to address the Kirkby resident's believing it would be too 'hostile'.

According to the 'Destination Kirkby' website, the minutes of this "residents meeting" will be published sometime in the coming week. Maybe then we will find out exactly who was in attendance.

The irony of the chief executive being "open and honest" is not lost on us as Everton still have not confirmed how much the stadium will cost Everton to build, how the stadium will be funded, where the money to purchase Yakubu was sourced or whether Robert Earle will own the naming rights of the new stadium (as reported in the independent).

Seemingly, no Kirkby resident was available for comment.

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