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Monday, March 17, 2008

Still no determination date for Tesco Planning Application

Knowsley Council Despite the claims of Keith Wyness in a recent e-mail to Everton season ticket holders that;

"On April 18, Knowsley Borough Council will decide whether or not to rubber-stamp our recently-submitted planning application."

A claim that was within minutes, rehashed to "Knowsley Borough Council will not now decide on the Club's planning application for the proposed new stadium in Kirkby until May.

Yours sincerely,
Keith Wyness"

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KEIOC have been informed through our contact at Knowsley Council, that the deferred decision date on the planning application for the Tesco proposal is still yet to be determined. As reported earlier, the decision on the IPS or "Vision for Kirkby" has been further delayed until June "at the earliest" and to add to that, another "key decision," namely the agreement of land disposal, has also been "put on the backburner" until further notice.

Our Knowsley contact has confirmed that the council are still pushing for their recent "preferred approach" of a Development Securities/Tesco collaboration whilst stressing that both respective developers current planning applications, due to a legal duty, will be "determined on their own merits."

KEIOC hope to have news of the phase one Development Securities planning application in the very near future.

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