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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kirkby town centre IPS "vision for Kirkby" decision deferred

Knowsley Council The decision on the draft Kirkby town centre Interim Policy Statement (IPS) or "Vision for Kirkby," the document that in Knowsley Council's own words would "act as guidelines for what the council would expect to see addressed in any potential planning application," has yet again been deferred. This time until "June at the earliest."

This further delay of a decision on the IPS (seven months and counting) added to the news this week that "there are still some fundamental issues which had to be resolved and consequently it was unlikely that a planning application would be presented to the Planning Committee before June 2008," not only sheds some light on the difficulties the Knowsley Planners are facing but also makes a mockery of Keith Wyness' recent claim of "the first spade hitting the ground in June or July."

As always KEIOC will endeavour to keep all Evertonians informed of the ongoing developments.

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