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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shared Stadium

This article has been presented to KEIOC by Trevor Skempton. We feel that all options for keeping Everton within the city, specifically within the traditional north Liverpool environs, should be explored. Whilst it is true that Trevor personally favours a redeveloped Goodison or an iconic development on Scotland Road due to his work on St James Park he has been approached as a professional architect of some renown in stadia matters, to solve just a few of the many problems a joint stadium would present.

KEIOC's position is that whilst we see and understand the logic behind a shared stadium proposition football is intrinsically illogical. Why do grown men become emotional at the sound of an old sea shanty and the emergence of eleven men in royal blue shirts? Why do you get a tingle down your spine when you walk into a collection of four buildings that surround a field? Why do you feel you're with your own kind when with a group of strangers in a stadium or a pub, when essentially the only common tie is supporting the same football club, a camaraderie that, thankfully, transcends all backgrounds including class, gender, education, colour and creed? Of course nobody can answer any of these questions with an ounce of logic and it's probably why a shared stadium will always require a phenomenal leap of faith from both sets of match going supporters whose culture, tradition and values differ manifestly possibly due to the magnitude and concentration of success over the lifespan of the respective clubs. Everton's success, great players and great teams being spread throughout its rich one hundred and thirty year history whilst Liverpool's unparalleled success being concentrated into a thirty year period which has included incomparable success, disaster and tragedy leading to a club with both national and international appeal and standing.

The circumstances behind both clubs need for new stadia are different as are their requirements, KEIOC understand the thoughts and feelings of thousands of loyal match going Evertonians, it's like some Divine Comedy - hell - purgatory and paradise!!! Make your choice!

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