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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best served stadium in the country?

Trains will be "crush loaded"

Following our recent appraisal of Everton's precarious position in relation to the Tesco planning application and its current non-compliance with existing planning legislation KEIOC has now turned its attention to the woefully inadequate Transport Plan which forms part of the same Tesco Planning Application. A team, that includes members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, has assessed this transport plan.

Evertonians everywhere will remember the tantalising statements emanating from the club and interested parties during the ballot process; amongst other things we were told that the Kirkby Project was the "Deal of the Century" and that "People will be happy with the Matchday Experience"

We would advise all match going Evertonians to read this comprehensive article with an open mind, the assumptions have been cast aside in favour of hard facts and data supplied from the actual planning application. Read how Dave and Alan, loyal lifelong Evertonians, have had their "Matchday Experience" enhanced by the move to Kirkby, digest the data taken from the transport consultants own documentation, put yourself in Dave and Andy�s shoes and then ask yourself the question "was I told the truth about the Kirkby Project?"

Those of you who feel that this move is wrong for Everton come and join KEIOC, offer your support via our website and treat statements such as "we expect planning permission to be granted within three months, with a spade in the ground June or July 2008" with the same contempt that is being shown to you

Read our transport review here.

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