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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Football Eighth

Once again Everton’s lack of vision and inability to invest a single penny into the future of our great club means that we are being left behind, not because of the council, not because of the fans, just because we have a board of directors who manage to deliver the square root of nothing.

The inclusive proposal known as the football quarter developed by fans after the undeliverable and grossly misleading attempt to move Everton to Kirkby, is clearly the template for the exclusive Anfield Project, exclusive on the basis it no longer includes Everton due to the owners once again refusing to back their club or put forward a tangible and realistic alternative.

Liverpool Vision reports, “Major plans for a £260m regeneration of Anfield have been revealed. The ambitious scheme will see hundreds of new homes, new business premises, a revamped stadium for Liverpool FC, a village square, a hospitality academy hotel with 100 beds and a “pedestrian-friendly” avenue gateway cutting through Stanley Park right up to the football ground; many elements which can be found here.

The project, which should take around five years to complete, will be the biggest single regeneration push in the city after the multi-billion pound Liverpool Waters development.


Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, who has been in high-level talks with Reds owner John Henry and housing chiefs for more than six months, said the people of Anfield had been “let down badly” in the past, and deserved to see their community restored to its former glory. Evertonians have developed a strange empathy for the people of Anfield as they know what it is to be let down badly.

The football club’s plans will account for up to £150m of the £260m price tag for the project. The Reds will remain at Anfield and expand the stadium on its current footprint. The rest of the investment will go on new roads and infrastructure, renovated housing and newly built homes.

Around 700 new jobs will be created, and Stanley Park will become home to a ‘food hub’. Mayor Anderson said: “We’ve been thinking that you can’t just have house building and refurbishment just on their own. There can’t be any regeneration without regenerating the wider community. That’s why we’ve established this partnership with Your Housing group and the Club, and it was absolutely essential that we did that. Despite the government pulling the housing market renewal (HMR) money, we are making progress anyway, with political determination and vision.”

Money LFC must provide in return for planning permission – known as “Section 106 money” – will also go towards the cost of the project, and potentially any European funding that was given on the condition Liverpool FC built a new stadium in the park, which could be around £7m.

While the overall project incorporates Anfield stadium being enhanced, the Club is keen to make sure it wins the support of local residents. Evertonians are left with nothing; but KEIOC will be seeking certain assurances from Joe Anderson and the council.

We’re sure all Evertonians will be looking forward to our board’s visionary announcement on the future infrastructure developments they’ve been working on since Bill Kenwright, brought to heel at the last EGM over Kirkby, told the assembled shareholders that if Kirkby failed they’d look at Goodison again. Tomorrow night’s your chance to elucidate then Mr Chairman.
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