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Monday, April 15, 2013

24th Hillsborough Anniversary

Life is quite rightly treasured and held sacred by every right thinking individual; it’s the reason why we’re so aggrieved when people die prematurely, through illness or accident, through no fault of their own. As decent caring people we strive to understand and eradicate illness that causes premature death, we strive to understand accidents so that others won’t suffer in a similar fashion in the future. We make things better, we strive for truth; acts that ensure victims of these tragedies don't die in vain; this is their legacy.

April 15th is the anniversary of two horrendous events that happened elsewhere but are inextricably linked to our city and whose legacy is felt by the wider community. On April 15th 1912 the RMS Titanic sank with the loss of 1,502 lives. Their legacy was the establishment of the Safety of Lives at Sea convention [SOLAS] which improved the safety of people at sea and continues to do so today.

Seventy seven years later, on April 15th 1989, ninety six Liverpool supporters died at Hillsborough; their legacy is seen by the millions of people who enter any major stadium in Britain to witness top-flight football, the improvement in stadia design and stadia management. The ninety six weren’t the only victims on that day; their families, friends and survivors have all suffered during the subsequent twenty four years and their legacy will be the exposure of those who conspired to lay the blame for this disaster at the feet of ordinary football supporters; the police, the Thatcher government, sections of the media and odious individuals such as Bernard Ingham, Thatcher's press secretary and a member of an establishment that has been brought to heel by the Hillsborough Justice Campaigners whose fight for the truth has exposed the depths of the conspiracy and whose fight for justice continues.

As ever we ask all to take a moment at 15:06 today and think of the innocent victims of Hillsborough.

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