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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For……The Unpalatable Truth.

Be careful what you wish for along with other mindless sound bites such as, “better the devil you know” are the often heard cries of the individual who believes in safety in numbers, the person who’s happy to believe that a minority voicing its opinion is wrong, not on merit, not upon inspection of what they’re saying  but solely on the flawed logic that the minority must be wrong whilst the majority must be right; a somewhat confusing numerical contention relying on the mistaken principle beliefs that the minority has been correctly identified in the first place and that the silent majority, the majority that are always silent, are against the minority, a flawed position which they’re encouraged to adopt by the drowning man they’re so eager to defend, a position that was so accurately demonstrated with Destination Kirkby.

Life is full of people without whom, if we’d listened to the majority, we’d still be hunter gatherers living in caves. Minorities who were ridiculed, but were ultimately proven right. One person believed the earth was round whilst the majority knew it was flat, probably because they read it in Ye Olde Echo.

Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and on the subject of Everton, let’s not concern ourselves about minorities and majorities, let’s not concern ourselves over being popular or unpopular, let’s concern ourselves with right and wrong, who’s right and who’s wrong, what’s myth and what’s reality, what’s fact and what’s fiction, who’s telling the truth and who’s telling lies, who’s concerned about the club’s future and who’s concerned about something else.

To clear up any misunderstanding, we’re not in a popularity contest, we’re not here to make a profit by selling merchandise or tables at dinners, we’re not here to sell papers; we’re here because we’re passionate about our club and don’t want to see our club handed over to more unsuitable people on the sole basis of greed; greed that has been adequately demonstrated on more than one occasion.

The majority of Evertonians welcomed the takeover of the club by Kenwright’s consortium, the majority of Evertonians now know that this has been a disaster that has brought near financial disaster on more than one occasion, repeated failure to deliver major changes in the club's infrastructure and commercial underperformance which manifests itself in failure on the pitch; not a single trophy since 1995, the most barren period in the 135 year history of our great club.

The root cause of this is unknown to many, particularly those in the national media who like to promote the vision of plucky little Everton owned by the fan who gives them everything. Whilst many matchgoing Evertonians will be unable to recognise this picture of our club, few will genuinely understand the root causes that has brought about the situation Everton find themselves in; why the owners on the board have never invested a single penny, why their roles on the board remain a mystery, why after overseeing the financial decline of the club they’re apparently looking for a return on their “investment” of over £100,000,000.

Some people however do know the answers and a whole lot more besides; questions that the board of Everton would prefer not to be asked and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they’re neither asked nor answered.

The answers are being sought right now; far too many Evertonians have had enough of the absence of truth over Everton’s managed decline and want answers from those responsible within the club and outside it, those who earn a living with no questions asked and don't want to rock the boat.

We'd ask Evertonians to forget what will become the popular view when the evidence is published; the truth is all the matters.


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