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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Spirit of Paul Rice

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of a great Liverpudlian, Paul Rice, and it is perhaps a mark of the stature of the man that he is being remembered on an Everton website.

Paul succumbed to an illness he fought with the same passion he had for his loved ones, his friends, his football club and his city. Thinking of others to the end, Paul ensured that his death was not in vain; he set up the charity SPLOSH, - Staff, Patients and Loved Ones Supporting Haematology, whose aim is to raise money to help staff and patients and families affected by blood cancers, specifically on the wards 7Y and 10Z in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Members of KEIOC recently attended a SPLOSH fund raising event, The Paul Rice Gala Dinner at The Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Stanley Park and remembered the kindred spirit of Paul who was instrumental in hatching the plan, created by Everton and Liverpool fans, to promote a realistic alternative to the endless procession of undeliverable commercial plans aimed at addressing our football clubs stadia problems, a plan that proposed redevelopment and regeneration which Paul’s club at least has begun to understand and embrace with their latest proposals.

Members of KEIOC will be raising a glass to our good friend this evening and his family and loved ones will be foremost in our thoughts.

RIP Paul Rice 1957 - 2012

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