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Monday, September 24, 2012

Heroes & Villains

At the time of the release of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report KEIOC purposely avoided commentary, save for highlighting the salient facts and the thrust of the apology delivered by the Prime Minister, as the enormity of these facts needed to be absorbed.

As a consequence of the HIP release, the population of this country, and many beyond, are now fully aware that some extremely serious issues are at stake in our society; truth, justice, perhaps even the liberty of those who conspired to mislead and defame not just the fans of a football club, but a whole city; a city which has had the temerity to stand-up to Government, Authorities, Judiciary and those willing to do their bidding on more than one occasion in the past.

It is in the past that the roots of what could be the greatest social conspiracy to mislead the populace are to be found. It would be naive of anyone to think that the Tory party did not hold the City of Liverpool in contempt. History will show that the Thatcher Government was prepared to abandon the city to “managed decline” whilst this present Government, a coalition forged of Bullington mind-set Tories and mere Lib Dem puppets, have levied their biggest austerity cuts on the City of Liverpool.

The mentality of those attracted to the Tory party has long since been a contentious issue for any “right-minded” individual seriously questioning the suitability for public office of anybody endorsing rhetoric such as this written shortly after Evertonian Ken Bigley’s death at the hands of his barbaric executioners, “The deaths of more than 50 Liverpool football supporters at Hillsborough in 1989 was undeniably a greater tragedy than the single death, however horrible, of Mr Bigley; but that is no excuse for Liverpool’s failure to acknowledge, even to this day, the part played in the disaster by drunken fans at the back of the crowd who mindlessly tried to fight their way into the ground that Saturday afternoon. The police became a convenient scapegoat, and The Sun newspaper a whipping-boy for daring, albeit in a tasteless fashion, to hint at the wider causes of the incident.” A statement, endorsed by chief buffoon Boris Johnson when editor of The Spectator and since “profusely” apologised for, after, one would assume, he removed his foot from his mouth.

In recognition of the magnitude of the HIP disclosures, Everton, before their game against Newcastle, produced a very public display of support with their fantastic tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster and applauded those who had fought for twenty-three years for justice; we can tell you that member of Everton’s senior management offered a private display of support to a Hillsborough survivor who came along to Goodison and displayed the original 23' x 10’ Hillsborough banner, a tremendous gesture and one that was gratefully received.

Well done to Everton, but of course they’re not in a position to point the finger at those who are accused of wrong doing and of covering-up their incompetence and prejudice.

Since the 15th April 1989 there have been many heroes; the fans on the day for example who, faced with the inability of the police to deal with a disaster of their own making, took control and rescued countless fellow supporters. The survivors and families of those who died, whose tenacity, determination, integrity and courage over the ensuing years has been a shining example to all who have been victims of injustice and lies and have inspired politicians to seek the truth at all costs.

Then there are the villains, those public servants who conspired to mislead the public over the cause of the tragedy, those who were responsible and colluded with the media to save their miserable careers and pensions.

You can decide who are the heroes and villains by watching this short film, and we’ll leave you with the words of J.F.Kennedy  - “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

Let’s support the fight for justice.


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