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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Divided By The Colours United By The Cause




  • Liverpool fans were NOT to blame for the Hillsborough disaster
  • Massive cover-up as emergency services made "strenuous attempts" to blame innocent fans
  • Prime Minister offers "profound" apology to the families of the 96 people who died
  • 41 of the 96 had the potential to survive
  • No evidence to support police description of drunk and aggressive fans

Earlier today the Prime Minister, David Cameron, addressed the House of Commons and apologised to the families of the ninety-six Liverpool fans who died on 15th April 1989. Mr Cameron said, “The Liverpool fans were not the cause of the disaster. The panel has quite simply found no evidence in support of allegations of exceptional levels of drunkenness, ticketlessness or violence among Liverpool fans, no evidence that fans had conspired to arrive late at the stadium, and no evidence that they stole from the dead and dying.”

You can read the Hillsborough Independent Panel report here.

For a more detailed understanding visit the HIP website here.



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