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Friday, August 17, 2012

University for Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur is to launch a football related degree program at their White Hart Lane stadium. The Football Quarter group identified education as a core value of their proposal, for the area of North Liverpool surrounding Stanley Park, some three years ago, receiving backing from Liverpool University Vice chancellor, Sir Howard Newby.

The Football Quarter group proposal focused on sports science and sports business degrees in association with both football clubs and Liverpool University and John Moores University. Spurs will be offering foundation courses in Sports Hospitality and Nutrition and Applied Sport and Community Development validated by Middlesex University.

The opportunity to combine sport and education is rapidly gaining acceptance. Since 2011 Burnley FC has offered courses in operational and business facets of football and its surrounding industries, whilst Everton have taken the bold step of lending their brand, and their expertise for excellence, gained through their Everton in the Community programs, to a Free School, located in Liverpool Community College.

Whilst Spurs and Burnley have chosen to synergise the educational opportunity by utilising their skills and expertise in sports science and sports business management, Everton have chosen to focus on providing an alternative learning experience to young adults who have been excluded from mainstream learning.

Everton, Liverpool and the city’s great universities have the opportunity to offer the world an opportunity to study in an environment which has made Liverpool the most successful city in football.

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