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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Killer of AJ Sentenced to Five Years

Founding member of KEIOC, AJ Clarke, was killed in November 2007 by a single blow delivered by the then 21 year old Malik Al-Brumy. The blow caused massive brain injuries to which AJ, 45, later succumbed.

Despite an extensive appeal by police, including a feature on Crimewatch in 2009, Mr Al-Brumy and his friend Ben Thompson, who was present during the incident, remained quiet until a tip-off from a member of the public led to his arrest.

Sentencing Al-Brumby Judge Clement Goldstone QC explained, ““You left AJ Clarke lying where he was, with no concern for his wellbeing. You told the jury if you had known he had struck his head you would have gone to his assistance. You knew yet you did not. You have shown no remorse”

The thoughts of all members of KEIOC and no doubt all Evertonians are with Janet and AJ’s family and close friends.
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