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Sunday, December 16, 2007

1,418 Objections handed to Knowsley within a week

Members of KEIOC and Kirkby Residents Action Group joined forces on Friday to lodge the following objections to Knowsley councils proposed changes to its interim policy statement. At this stage any objections, to policy statements or planning applications will ultimately delay any future proposed developments.

We at KEIOC have always advocated a plan b, all planning issues are fraught with difficulties. We therefore urge the peoples club to seriously consider a plan b and even a plan c. We certainly would not like to end up like our red friends from across the park and become a "laughing stock"(copyright local radio phone ins this weekend)

Hello all

Today we put in the following objection to the changes to the UDP (Interim policy statement)

1084 letters plus a further 13 = 1097

98, 41 and 182 name petitions

Total 1418 objections that we are aware of.

We know other objections have been sent in the post and handed into the one stop shop. If you still have any objections you still have time to get them in the post to be counted in the total. its freepost so doesn't cost you anything.

We asked for a receipt and were advised that there weren't enough people available to count the letters. After a phone call to Huyton planning office and our press officer contacting every media outlet, it was finally agreed that two people would come from Huyton. They did, after 45 minutes, so much for the transport infrastructure being able to cope with the traffic when two people take so long from Huyton.

The letters were eventually counted and logged and are now on their way back to Huyton, where they will be individually logged and a letter sent to each person, so if you don't get a letter acknowledging your objection let us know.

We now have the letters officially logged.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on this aspect of the campaign, the hard works continues but do enjoy a few hours off!


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