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Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Man & His Dog.....

Everton’s hierarchy has always had problems with numbers; there was the £30m ringfenced for the Kings Dock stadium that turned out to be a figment of somebody’s theatrical imagination, the £50m from Tesco that turned out to be little more than a stage illusion and of course there’s the managers transfer budget which has been the square root of nothing for the past couple of years.

Yesterday, Everton’s Fan Liaison Officer, Graeme Sharp, whose job it is to improve communications and relations with the fans told the media that the Blue Union protest was attended by one man and his dog. Evertonians will of course be eternally grateful to Graeme for his unerring ability to see the back of net; these days it appears he can’t see past the end of his nose as the above photograph shows it was very well attended.

The Blue Union’s second march was a great success as it attracted the massive media attention that their campaign needs and allows very frustrated Evertonians the opportunity to vent their anger at the current board’s horrendous tenure of our great club and refusal to consider bringing some much needed professionalism into what has been revealed as a club being run like a kindergarten.

At the conclusion of the march one very well known Evertonian, and former shareholder, stated that after over forty years of watching Everton home and away, as far away as Thailand, he wouldn’t be setting foot in the ground until the present board had left; he joined the 6,000 stay away fans that are protesting with their feet and contributing to a possible £3m reduction in matchday turnover for the year.

[Lead Photo Courtesy of Sam McParland]

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