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Monday, October 24, 2011

Blue Union Newsletter

The Blue Union has released their first newsletter. This issue concentrates on their recent public meeting, at Zeligs in Liverpool One, and contains an easy to understand explanation on how Everton has performed off the pitch and how much value the current board of directors have added to the business since the days of Peter Johnson.

An interesting comparison is made with close on-pitch rivals Spurs; over the last five years Spurs average premiership position is seventh whilst Everton, under David Moyes and despite the level of assistance from the board, has managed a very credible sixth.

The comparison isn’t an illustration of the financial disparity between both clubs, it’s an illustration of the owners differing approach to adding value; one talks about it whilst the other achieves it.

We all agree, fans and directors alike, that a change in ownership is needed to progress the club both on and off the pitch. Bill Kenwright’s contention is that he is the man best placed to deliver that change whilst the Blue Union advocate that to facilitate a successful change, one that will ensure the best outcome for the club, the sale process should be outsourced to professionals who can demonstrate evidence of success and expertise in the disposal of sports businesses.

The newsletter can be downloaded here.

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