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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everton - A Glorious Past but an Uncertain Future

Evertonians packed into Zeligs at Liverpool One on Saturday to firstly hear the Blue Union present the stark reality of Everton today and then listen to Everton’s most successful manager regale them with reminiscences of when Everton really were the envy of top flight football.

Dave Kelly began with a passionate speech in which he attacked the club’s recent efforts to gag the local media; surprisingly, whilst Sky Sports News and ESPN covered the event, the local media were conspicuous by their absence.

Colin Fitzpatrick then gave a revealing presentation which clearly explained where the money was generated from and how it was spent, how there is little opportunity to increase turnover which has led to a need to implement a cost reduction programme, why Bill Kenwright’s claims of future losses of £5m are reliant upon the continual sale of assets to limit those losses, for example the soon to be announced loss of £5.4m was dependent on the £9m sale of Bellefield; which was bought for £26,000 in 1964. The presentation finished with an eye opening comparison on how Spurs directors have dramatically developed their business, since 1999, whilst Everton’s have decimated theirs, yet still expect to obtain a return on their £20m investment.

The Blue Union’s involvement ended with an explanation on a fans parliament, provided by John Harrison. John refuted the claim that the club were open and transparent in their dialogue with the fans citing the meetings of the club manufactured fans forum who appear limited in their ability to address the real issues facing the club save for discussing whether z cars is played at half time or if betting kiosks should be open after the game. John concluded with an explanation of the importance of how such a body would represent the fans and how other premiership clubs tackle the issue in a more open and less contrived manner than Everton.

To chants of “There’s only one Howard Kendall” Everton’s most successful manager entered the auditorium with the FA Cup and provided all those Evertonians present with an entertaining session which involved stories from his playing and managerial career and finished with him answering many questions from the fans.

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