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Sunday, July 17, 2011

That Was The Week That Was...

The People’s Group strategy of awakening the media from the PR induced coma they’ve slipped into, over Everton, appears to have become a spectacular success.

Following Chris Bascombe’s scathing online article last week, another, Liverpool born and bred, national journalist, Brian Reade, has succinctly highlighted the genuine concerns being raised by Evertonians everywhere. Even Everton’s previous media bastion of support “Talksport” welcomed and gave air time to a People’s Group spokesperson who eloquently explained that fans have become tired of Everton being portrayed as “plucky little Everton “ and the spin and misrepresentation of the true facts surrounding the financial performance off the field, that manifests itself on the field and inhibits the excellent work of the manager, David Moyes.

David Moyes, earlier this year, stated “Seventh might be as good as it can get for Everton with the resources and the way teams are spending now. I don’t think this football club needs hundreds of millions it just needs some fresh cash to try to start again and give us some impetus going into the new season.”

It appears David Moyes’ plea has fallen on deaf ears so far; speaking to members of KEIOC on Friday evening, who were in the directors box for the Bury game, he explained, “no players coming in no players going out, we've got no money” asked about Nzogbia he exclaimed “I wish!”

The manager is not alone, the concerns of the majority of Evertonians are also being ignored. Everton’s “communication” spokesman, Ian Ross, appeared on the Talksport’ morning show; Ian was last heard from earlier in the year when he laughingly claimed the delay to construction at the Park End was due to a reluctance to relocate offices and IT equipment during the season, the farce can be read here.

Alan Brazil welcomed the Everton employee with an ominous “alright Rossy sir” which told you everything. Ross proceeded with the old destination Kirkby tactic of attempting to dumb down the argument. Evertonians will never forget the disgraceful PR campaign, conducted through the Echo, which attempted to portray complex concerns over Kirkby simply as an uneducated unwillingness to relocate a couple of hundred yards over the city boundary.

On Talksport Ross explained that some Evertonians thought there was a pot of money hidden away at Goodison for a rainy day and repeated the condescending and patronizing dogma of 85p in the pound being spent at Finch Farm. NEWSFLASH - Evertonians know where the money goes, we can all read the accounts, nobody is asking about this, they’re asking why is there a lack of money coming into the club, they’re questioning the directors apparent inability to generate increased levels of revenue, they’re questioning the rationale behind Kirkby, the failure of the King’s Dock, what’s happened at the Park End and why do we appear to have director’s who take their instructions from others. A warm welcome may be received however for an explanation on what constitutes £24m per annum of what are called “other operating expenses”.

KEIOC’s own secretary published a cutting article on fan site Toffeeweb that highlighted the board’s performance over a litany of failures. The accompanying vote indicates nine out of ten Evertonians now want an interim board to replace the present incumbents.

The week ended with the Echo’s Dave Prentice attempting to recover some credibility after an earlier missive, but still managed to publish almost a full column of the club's financial propaganda; but the best was left till last, the pièce de résistance from CEO, Robert Elstone, can be read here.

Attempts to dismiss the unrest as being from a minority of fans are simply ludicrous, claiming senior management are communicating with fans is equally ludicrous when the fans in question are handpicked, sworn to secrecy and only discuss what the club allow them to discuss is nothing less than insulting; it is widely known that the group has been assembled in order to comply with UEFA licensing regulations, nothing more, nothing less and it is disappointing that the CEO feels the desperate need to portray them as something they’re certainly not, representative. Nobody doubts there isn’t a lot of hard work going on at Everton, it’s just that it’s too little, too late and simply not good enough to support Everton’s desire for success on the pitch.

The real message is stop the spin, stop the lies, and listen to the fans. Failure to listen to the real issues the fans have could have disastrous consequences, far greater than the falling season ticket sales now being experienced or having to delete message after message in response to the above blog. What’s it going to take to stop this madness?  The last time fans weren’t listened to it cost millions and has put the club back five years.
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