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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Savills' Chris Potts

At last weeks A.G.M, Bill and the gang revealed their expert who would defuse the potentially explosive proceedings that lay ahead, Mr. Christopher Potts; an estate agent from Savills. He would use all of his expertise, reassure the doubters and ride off into the sunset with Bill Kenwright, Keith Wyness, Jon Woods and the newly elected Robert Earl.

Chris started quite nervously, he got worse. He passed comment on the HOK report, later admitting he had never seen the report. This was greeted with roars of laughter when one of the shareholders pulled a copy out of his pocket. Another present suggested that he should go over to the Winslow, that there were copies widely available.

The questions came thick and fast. The large intakes of breath became more profound. By this time of the proceedings questions where left ignored or unanswered.

The biggest silence of the evening came when a lady shareholder, from Kirkby, asked the chairman of the Peoples Club the following question.

" How do you feel about demolishing my home, so you can build a car park for your stadium? "

The question remained unanswered.

Another question that was asked was answered in the most bizarre fashion. Newcastle United managed to rebuild St James Park in similar circumstances to what we would encounter, lack of investors etc. Our chairman reply was swift and damming.

He was fully aware of what Newcastle United had done. It was so much easier for them because of the Kevin Keegan factor and that Newcastle United where successful at the time. Bill seemed surprised when he was informed that at the time Newcastle Utd were in the 2nd division and playing in front of only 23,000 supporters.

The meeting never really recovered from these early setbacks. At one stage Bill confirmed that if we want a plan B we can have one. The official stance from within the club is that nobody likes us, nobody returns our calls and this leaves us isolated. KEIOC reiterated that it had no problems contacting any of the third parties involved and would be happy to accommodate such requests.

On a positive note K.E.I.O.C would like to thank all of its supporters, who where present at the meeting, donations of nearly �600.00p were gratefully received and will be put to good use over the coming months.

One final point we would once again like to stress to all that KEIOC is a non-party political. We will post views of any elected representatives if their actions or comments are similar to ours. So we thank the M.P for Knowsley North for the letter he sent to Keith Wyness

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