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Sunday, June 5, 2011

City of Liverpool SRF Approved.

A full meeting of the city cabinet, on 3rd June 2011, saw the North Liverpool Strategic Regeneration Framework [SRF] approved as the basis upon which the City Council will bring forward regeneration across North Liverpool with its partners and stakeholders.

This landmark decision recognises that North Liverpool has a number of major assets that are unique and offer huge potential for regeneration through a series of high profile development projects immediately adjacent to some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country.

The council officer's report identified transformational projects, major projects which have the potential to really transform the socio-economic and physical fortunes of North Liverpool and catalyse further regeneration. One of the projects identified involves the city's Football Stadia, and it is explained that the plans and aspirations of both Liverpool and Everton football clubs are for expansion and growth. Both Football Clubs are extremely important to the City as a major driver for market visibility, tourism and leisure. The combined impact of both clubs decisions must be maximised for the benefit of a much wider area.

A 3 year delivery plan will now be produced to provide more detailed information on the delivery arrangements for the SRF. The delivery plan is to be produced in consultation with partners and will specify actions, timescales, outcomes/outputs, resources and lead partners.

A significant amount of consultation has been undertaken in producing the SRF. There have been consultations with various groups during the initial baseline stages and two large stakeholder events.

The vision of the SRF is structured on three themes:

  • Economy and Employment
  • People and Communities
  • Neighbourhood and Places

The full report can be read here.

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