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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Contribution Highlighted in Strategic Regeneration Framework

On Friday the 3rd of June Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet will be asked to endorse the North Liverpool and South Sefton Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF).

This ambitious 20 year plan is designed to transform the north of the city, increasing job opportunities, attract investment and improve the life of residents. Of particular interest, for Evertonians, is the inclusion of identifying the football clubs as potential key economic drivers that will help maximise economic growth for the wards of Anfield and County amongst others.

The full article can be read here.

Liverpool council will be joining forces with Sefton council in a bid to deliver this ambitious strategy.

Previous reports, such as the TMP Visitor Strategy have long since been criticised by KEIOC for its clear and unfathomable omission of the value of football to the city and it has been argued that both Everton and Liverpool are historic resources that can become vital assets to the City Region economy.


This latest plan follows an increasing level of understanding that football clubs can play a vital role as can be seen in these documents.

Regeneration & Transport Select Committee [Section51]
Merseyrail Strategy [Section 10]
Football & Regeneration Intangible Assets & Goodwill

KEIOC firmly believe that retail enabling schemes, whilst suitable for rugby league clubs and lower league football clubs, have no place in dictating the location nor the stadium design, through funding, of elite premiership clubs like Everton FC. A £78m stadium, nine miles from the regional centre, could never have provided the revenue streams to make a difference to our club. The reason no other major club has adopted this strategy is simply doesn't work.

Whilst it's easy to be critical and do nothing, KEIOC has chosen to quietly collaborate with others and diligently work on convincing many that the site staring everybody in the face is the most suitable, due to the all too apparent and clear unavailability of alternative sites and schemes that could offer the level of retail enabling required, apparently 500,000 sq ft according to Everton when speaking to LCC, in the mayors office, at the time of Destination Kirkby.

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