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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confused? You will be....

As reported in a previous KEIOC article, published on Friday 18th March,  Everton's shareholders were informed last month, by the CEO, that the delay to the commencement of the proposed Park End development was due to nothing more than "minor legal difficulties"

In "his blog", also last month, Everton's CEO stated that “We expect to start work soon as we wade through some complex legal matters.” KEIOC on the other hand reported that their club source had highlighted that “funding issues” were to blame.

In fact we have been informed that one of the partners, the contractor, had an issue with the development, namely that their lease back proposal couldn't proceed as the existing charge on the land, held by the Prudential, prevented it's sale to Williams Tarr and without this security they've walked away.

Following the publication of KEIOC's article, later that afternoon, the pointless ban imposed on the paper by the club was lifted and earlier today the Daily Post and Echo websites carried this news article:

EVERTON FC’S star £9m retail and hospitality development will now not open until the summer of 2012.

“The scheme is part of the club’s response to the need for it to grow its commercial revenues while it looks for a financially-viable way to build a new stadium.

It was launched at a shareholders’ forum last August and the scheme received planning permission in November. The four-storey building – which will house a shop, museum, café, corporate hospitality and offices – was expected to be completed by this autumn but the opening date slipped to Christmas.

However the club today said a decision had been taken to delay opening until summer 2012.

The club say the complexities surrounding IT moves and office relocation make it sensible to avoid a mid-season move.

Everton FC spokesman Ian Ross said: “This has been the acknowledged target date for some time as operationally it would have been difficult to open it mid-season. All of our partners are happy with the current timetable. This is a complex project involving several partners which when completed will deliver a prestigious multi-use building, one which will unquestionably benefit both club and supporters.”

Everton FC chief executive Robert Elstone said in a blog on the club’s website four weeks ago “We expect to start work soon as we wade through some complex legal matters.”

Today Mr Ross denied legal issues were the cause of the schedule change.”

We’re sure that all Evertonians would welcome some clarification on this latest disappointment; is it being unable to move a few computers and a couple of desks or is it a complex legal quagmire or perhaps something else? Tune in next week as surely we can't continue to have the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, one of them will have to go.

Let's see who's right about this latest fiasco. The two senior Everton executives who can't get their story straight, or those who were right about Kirkby which, no doubt, like this, nobody was held responsible, because those ultimately responsible have even greater problems to hide.

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