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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright made a staggering Freudian slip during their recent annual awards dinner held at the city’s Anglican cathedral.

The chairman explained, "the board; myself, Jon Woods, Robert Earl and Sir Philip Green err err Sir Philip Carter, are working harder than ever to re-establish the club......."

The astonishing slip was met by knowing smiles and nods amongst the more knowledgeable and astute element of the staunch Evertonians scattered amongst the audience.

In a further twist to the recent result of all that hard work put in by Sir Philip, Knowsley Council has refused to reveal the contents of an email requested under the freedom of information act. The said email apparently can remain a secret, to all Evertonians and council tax payers in Kirkby alike, as it

“Identified an individual whose involvement in the Kirkby Regeneration Scheme was never publicly acknowledged”

The full decision can be read here; rest assured KEIOC are taking expert advice as to the validity of this outrageous decision to deny the public information on just who is involved in the continuing saga of Kirkby.

On a more positive note Joe Anderson is now leader of Liverpool City Council; Joe spoke at the press launch of the Football Quarter initiative and more recently accompanied members of KEIOC to Goodison where he spoke in support of KEIOC’s continued efforts to ensure the custodians of our club secure a suitable and appropriate stadium for our great club.

KEIOC hope the efforts by the club reflect the immense efforts of the manager and his team in the second half of the season and Everton Ladies in winning the FA Cup; we hope the efforts will go beyond the proposed stopgap measures being considered for the park end car park, expedited by the need to address the fast approaching planning problem over the tent, which you can read in the LCC planning explorer here; we hope the club concentrate on the cost effective and financially logical redevelopment within the actual stadium complex, thereby initiating the process of generating enhanced revenue streams funded through debt free proposals such as equity funding and equity seat right.

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