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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another credible fight from 1st 4 Kirkby

Despite returning no candidates in the three wards they contested in the traditional Labour stronghold of Kirkby, 1st 4 Kirkby can look to continued progress as significant numbers of voters in the Whitefield, Cherryfield and Central wards begin to see a credible alternative to what many aggrieved locals see as non-representation from Labour Councillors David Lonergan, Marie Stuart and Boris Jean Keats.

A tactical move by the Lib Dems to stand aside was rewarded as they saw a 600% increase in votes over the Lib Dems own 2008 performance establishing 1st 4 Kirkby as the only credible opposition with tangible policies for the people of Kirkby.

1st 4 Kirkby candidates Brian Johns, Pauline Pendleton and Tony Barton can rest comfortable in the knowledge that they gave a good account of themselves to the electorate and all the time more and more are listening; 1st 4 Kirkby leader Tony Barton explains, “1st 4 Kirkby wants appropriate redevelopment of their town; developments that reflect the needs of the local residential and business communities in place of spineless capitulation towards commercial self interest; a course of action which has simply produced a delay in progress, delivered multi million pound wastage of local taxpayers money with the subsequent loss of council jobs as these mistakes are paid for. The local Labour party know we’re here, Tesco know we’re here but most importantly of all the people of Kirkby know we’re here and we’re here to stay.“

You can see 1st 4 Kirkby's results here.

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