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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Football Quarter on BBC 5live

The recent BBC 5live broadcast, from Liverpool JMU, heard Mark Pougatch chair a debate on the future of football in Liverpool.

Witnessed by several hundred invited guests the panel included KEIOC’s chair Dave Kelly who was joined by Spirit of Shankly supporter Pete Hooton and Liverpool University Professor Tom Cannon.

Pete Hooton was surprised by the apparent level of media interest in a shared stadium as he couldn’t think of a single Liverpool supporter who was in favour whilst Dave questioned who the media were actually advocating we share with as neither club nor the vast majority of fans appeared to embrace the prospect.

After co-presenter Colin Murray claimed it made economic sense and that having the likes of U2 playing in a massive shared stadium would be lucrative the KEIOC secretary stepped in to dismiss the economic fallacy through pointing out the clubs separate target markets, massive economic disparity and how the football quarter would be much more beneficial and empathetic to the needs of the clubs and their supporters.

These comments by Dave and Colin carried full audience support including much agreement from Rogan Taylor and Tom Cannon; Tom concluded the programme by stating:

“The most creative thing that I've heard has not come from either of the clubs or I dare I say even the University which is disappointing, it has come from KEIOC and Spirit of Shankly, coming up with this idea of a Sports Zone; unless you have something creative you're not going to crack that financial problem."

Rogan Taylor had previously left a message on the FQ petition site, stating:

“A great idea; something which expresses the core of our city culture - something which could entirely rejuvenate the area - and a unique selling point for Liverpool.”

Everyone in attendance were given a copy of the Football Quarter promotional leaflet which can be read here.

The debate can be heard here.

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