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Sunday, March 28, 2010

UEFA Finance regulations step closer

As reported , here, back in September 2009, Michel Platini’s controversial plans to introduce finance controls on football clubs took a step closer last week with the production of a private & confidential discussion paper outlining the proposals and restrictions that are to be introduced in the 2013/14 season for clubs competing in the European and Europa leagues,

The need to comply with these regulations whilst still competing with the premiership elite teams merely increases the need for Everton to not simply look at a basic stadium solution, similar to what was on offer at Kirkby, but to seek a solution that maximises Everton’s ability to generate significant commercial income from their stadium complex in order to address the matchday income shortfall with other major clubs who are ahead of Everton in the income stakes.

KEIOC favour a cost effective phased development of a smart stadium within a football quarter, an area that is designed to provide additional income for the two anchor clubs. A smart stadium is one that can be utilised on a significant number of the 340+ days a year when football isn’t taking place in order to provide additional commercial income.

For those supporters interested you can read the UEFA document here.

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