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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Football Quarter

An Introduction to the Football Quarter The city of Liverpool is world renowned as a centre of football excellence; its history is second to none, a single club split into two in 1892, an event which instigated over a century of banter and endless argument that has divided friends, families and loved ones and has influenced the very social fabric of the city.

On the 118th anniversary of this famous event, the supporters’ groups, Keeping Everton In Our City and the Spirit of Shankly put aside their legendary rivalry and as one, under the banner of “All Together Now”, called for a Football Quarter to be established in the city around Stanley Park. The quarter is designed to uphold their football clubs at the highest level, for the benefit of the all fans, the community and the city.

Please see the Football Quarter page for more information. The FAQS page has also recently been created.

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