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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Official KEIOC Statement

We as a group, as should all match going Evertonians, commend Bestway for their continued support and patience over their Scotland Road site. Whilst we equally acknowledge the efforts of Liverpool City Council to keep Everton in our city, Warren Bradley has, to our knowledge, personally held over twenty meetings / calls with Everton in recent months. The astonishing revelation that during one such meeting in the Lord Mayor's office the CEO of Everton, Keith Wyness, demanded that only sites capable of housing a 75,000 seater stadium would be considered is beyond belief.

Everton's current average gate over twenty-two home games in all competitions is 36,500. Perceived wisdom within the football industry indicates a "new stadium affect" would add 10,000 to this figure which is confirmed by Knowsley Councils consultants, DTZ, in their recent "Impact Assessment Report" which forecasts expected visitor levels to be 1,000,000 over the season. Clearly the 55,000 seater stadium that HOK Sport confirms can be built on the Scotland Road Gateway is more than adequate for the present and future needs of Everton Football Club

Some jobs are just too big for some people and in light of this latest fiasco perpetrated by Everton's CEO and coupled with yesterdays release of yet another set of disastrous annual accounts, for which he alone is responsible, in addition to the massive increase in the clubs overdraft in August 2007 and the effective disposal of Bellefield last month to the private Scottish bank, Adams & Company, all of which are a consequence of the ill conceived three year strategy implemented in 2004 by the same CEO, we are of the opinion that his position is now untenable.

We call on all shareholders to question the board on these and other matters at the forthcoming AGM which is to be held on the 4th December and we would ask Bill Kenwright to cease the embarrassing pre AGM spin of "this is why we have to move" and the promotion of a truly atrocious stadium development and direct his efforts towards re-taking control of the club and immediately entering into meaningful and transparent dialogue with the parties concerned thereby bringing about a redeveloped Goodison Park or an iconic Scotland Road gateway stadium development, the finances behind which have never been explored.

The prospect of the School of Science forming the link between the ambitions of the Jennifer project, the University named after our illustrious former philanthropic benefactor and the Cultural Quarter of the Liverpool City centre is mouth watering to most Evertonians and can be visualized by any sane individual as a step in the right direction for the famous and distinguished Everton Football Club.

The dismissal of this opportunity would leave open to question Mr Kenwright's tenure as custodian of this great club, he must do everything in his power to ensure that Everton remain a Big Club in a Big City.

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