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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Delivery of long awaited Project Jennifer moves closer...

Sainsbury’s has now officially replaced Tesco as the anchor supermarket for the development.

Tesco’s protestations and the commencement of legal proceedings, to prevent the application from progressing, are seen by many as an alleged tit for tat retaliation for St Modwen's objection to Tesco's Destination Kirkby application.

The project, which will see hundreds of jobs and the improvement of a neglected area of the city, was praised in a bullish statement from Sainsbury’s chief executive, Justin King, "Sainsbury's investment will deliver what will be the largest supermarket in Liverpool, over 500 new jobs for local people and kick-start this much-needed regeneration in the north of the city."

Evertonians will be aware that the area contains the loop site which KEIOC see as a fantastic opportunity for a stadium befitting a leading premiership club; despite false information concerning technical problems surrounding the construction, KEIOC understand the real stumbling block is the lack of likelihood of an enabling deal being available in order to deliver the land on which the stadium would be constructed. If only Everton had worked with the council earlier rather than listen to the advisors to the board.

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