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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KEIOC present Football Quarter concept to Everton Shareholders

Last nights Shareholders AGM saw KEIOC give an hour long presentation on a possible alternative solution to Everton's stadium problem to approximately sixty shareholders and other interested guests. The theme was the past, the present and the future and the presenters, Dave Kelly, Colin Fitzpatrick and Trevor Skempton kept the attention of those present with analysis, conceptual drawings and explanations of how an exciting future for Everton could be obtained.

The past section saw a surgeon's scalpel taken to the recently failed Destination Kirkby project. KEIOC's secretary, Colin Fitzpatrick, illustrated that even operating at the highly optimistic levels Everton were projecting, Kirkby would only provide income levels similar to those being seen at Anfield today, meaning that Everton would continue to significantly lag behind the premierships leading clubs when it came to matchday income generation. The present section graphically demonstrated Everton's dire need to compete on an equal footing within their premiership peer group.

KEIOC proposed the commissioning of a feasibility study into a designated football quarter in the city. An area that would celebrate the city's two great football teams in conjunction with leisure, recreational, educational and social amenities, all served by a tram - train light railway running on the Bootle link line. The scheme would act as a catalyst for the regeneration of one of the most deprived areas of the city.

Specifically for Everton KEIOC suggest the phased redevelopment of Goodison Park into a SMART stadium; a stadium that would provide income on as many of the days the stadium isn't in use a football facility.

The shareholders were unable to finalise the wording of a resolution on the night but expect to submit an appropriately worded resolution to the board of directors soon.

KEIOC remain confident that an amicable solution to the stadium problem can be found; one that will ensure Everton's continued presence at the top table in English football. Everton can't afford another failed stadium project, time to lead not be led.

KEIOC would like to thank the small group of shareholders for the substantial donation that has been received, following this presentation, which we can assure them will go towards our ongoing campaign.

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