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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Destination Kirkby disaster puts Knowsley Labour on edge

Having realised the days of putting a red and yellow rosette on a dead dog in Kirkby and having it elected are at an end, the local Labour party have decided to mount the earliest start to an election campaign in living memory.

Old habits die hard for Kirkby’s Labour dominated Councillors and their Labour MP; having decided against acts of contrition and attempting to rectify the wrongs of their campaign, to deliver the undeliverable Destination Kirkby, they rather predictably prefer the same old, tired, misinformation campaigns; carrying on regardless in the forlorn hope that the electorate won’t notice their MP’s impotence and their councillors ineptness.

Letters from the councillors and the MP have been sent to all Kirkby residents, they can be read here and here.

In the two communications the common theme is blame; the failure of Destination Kirkby is apparently the fault of a Lib Dem conspiracy scream the councillors; aided and abetted by Kirkby Residents and the political party 1st 4 Kirkby, whose actions, claim the councillors, could have lost the once in a lifetime opportunity that was Destination Kirkby.

George Howarth MP similarly blames this fictitious Lib Dem led conspiracy yet goes even further; he decides to vent his spleen by highlighting the enormity of the £250,000 legal cost to Liverpool for their challenge and then moves to a somewhat strange allegation that this was all conducted to make the £6.5 billion worth Duke of Westminster even wealthier before similarly claiming that he and the councillors will salvage something for the good of the people of Kirkby.

The Knowsley Labour party are now attempting to cover their vast ineptitude by implying they'll now deliver an appropriate application; that will be the one Tesco, a £53 billion company, making the Duke resemble a big issue seller in comparison, has had as a plan b all along; nothing to do with the council, even less to do with George Howarth.

It's often said that when pointing the finger of blame you're actually pointing three at yourself; an old adage that obviously has a strong element of truth when examining these hysterical accusations.

Firstly if the council and the MP had stood up to the preposterous demands of Tesco Stores Ltd an appropriate sized redevelopment would have now been built for the benefit of the Kirkby residents, the convenient omission that Liverpool City Council had cross-party support to keep Everton in the city and that the councils Labour leader spoke out against the application seems to have been conveniently forgotten as was the total opposition of Labour stalwart Rosie Cooper in her adjacent West Lancs constituency.

The unpalatable truth for the Knowsley Labour party is that if the councillors had listened to the vast majority of the 7,000 residents visiting the three public consultations who were opposed to this development and if the MP wasn't so keen to support a development that has wiped millions of pounds of the value of his constituents homes and has seen over seventy families living in fear of losing there's, then the hundreds of jobs, not 700, 3,000 or 7,000 that has been mentioned, would now be a reality. Another unpalatable truth, perhaps for Mr Howarth, is that KMBC aren't too keen to let the taxpayers of Knowsley know they've wasted £2,500,000 on DK, wasted money that may now result in job losses and cuts in service; that is little more than ineptitude and incompetence.

The people of Kirkby have been let down by no one else but Labour, a labour council, a labour MP and a Labour Government forced to comply with the comprehensive recommendations of the planning inspectors report that, as expected, overwhelmingly found against recommending planning permission for an application that broke every rule in the book.

The people of Kirkby deserve better; they have been used by a self-serving Labour council and its MP. Everton deserve better; they have been used by KMBC and Tesco Stores Ltd and have been left with nothing but empty broken promises.

Just like 1st 4 Kirkby and KRAG will work with the people of Kirkby to deliver a better future KEIOC will work with Everton and the City to deliver a better future for Everton and the surrounding communities.

Our advice to the Knowsley Labour party is this: before blaming others, consider your contribution to the problem. Talk and leaflets are cheap; a time for action in 2010 has arrived.

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