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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Evertonians can rest easy!

KEIOC, having been contacted by many Evertonians concerned with unopposed rumours surrounding the safety certificate awarded to the Goodison Park stadium, particularly the Bullens Road stand, can report that, having liaised with Liverpool City Council's licensing officer, Mr. Stephen Clare, we can today announce that these rumours suggesting sections of the ground will fail to obtain safety certification in the future are completely untrue.

Mr. Clare explained, “The General Safety Certificate is in force for the sports ground. There is a series of requirements under the General Safety Certificate for the sports ground that the club provide annual certification from qualified parties for a number of building/safety related elements and installations etc. This process is a continuing one and we are not aware of any reason why the club would not wish/be able to continue that process.”

We're always happy to put Evertonians minds at rest over any unfounded allegation.

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